Spend your holidays in an idyllic place 

Located in the Yonne area, on the north of Burgundy, at 1h30 from Paris, you will find this beautiful place hidden among the fields ideal to spend your holidays and weekends, with your family or friends.

A Bucolic Place

In the Family, since 50 years

Passed from father to son and from father to daughter for more than 50 years, "L'ile aux Hérons" (the Heron's Island) it is a family affair! Today owners, 3 sisters open their little corner of paradise to travelers and visitors of passage, thanks to whom they hope to be able to continue to renovate it for, one day, pass it on to the fourth generation...

Located on an old farmhouse of 350m2 renovated over generations, with a large landscaped area where a river runs through with its majestic waterfall, a quiet stream and a green island, your choice of activities will be vast. Discover "L'Ile aux Hérons" and enjoy unspoiled nature to relax unwind ... Go on an adventure on your kayaks, relax beside a large saltwater pool, fish on the banks of the "Armançon", watch birds and squirrels, feet in the water and enjoy, in the evening, a comfortable home, fully accommodated for your well-being

An authentic Setting

A restored old farmhouse 

The charm of an old farm renovated from generation to generation ......

Restored over the years, this old traditional Burdundy's farm had only 2 small rooms for living at the beginning, the rest had been reserved for the farm's animals and the storage of goods (grain, fodder ...).

After a first reshuffle in the 70's, enabling to acquire 100m2 of additional living space, family needs push its owner to develop further the attics to gain more space and allow the extended family to live conforably,  every holiday or family celebrations. 

To continue the tradition, the renovation still goes, in other part of the domain. And who knows what will be the next step?

A region rich in discovery

The Burgundy

This is a region which has a lot to offer to its visitors! With its glorious past of Duchy of Burgundy,
historical sites are not lacking! Abbeys, cathedrals, fortified villages, castles ...
Add to that a world-famous wine culture, traditional gastronomy and unspoilt nature and you'll have
a good overview of what's waiting for you !

Located in South of Paris, less than at 1 hour from its northern most part, Burgundy and its department of Yonne are ideally placed to come for a rest , for a weekend or for your holidays...

In this vintage Burgundy, you will have the opportunity to discover the icaunais vineyards, including the famous "Chablis", without forgetting other less well-known wines that deserve to be known such as "Irancy", "Pinot gris", "Coulange-la-Vineuse" ,well as "Crémant de Bourgogne" for your sparkling evenings.

You can also visit the Hill of "Vézelay", which is the perfect example of a remarkable site. Also a starting point of the "Saint-Jacques-de-Compostelle" path, renowned for the "Sainte-Marie-de-Compostelle" Basilica, listed as World Heritage of Humanity, the area will give you a beautiful overview of the countless treasures that the Yonne offer ... 

Finally, with its changing landscape, sometimes flat, sometimes hilly, fields, forests and meadows, the nature reaches out for all your sports and outdoor activities ! Swimming, climbing, cycling, trail, hiking, boat, and even parachutes jump or ULM...